Ryan Domengeaux - Chief Executive Officer & General Counsel
Chief Executive Officer & General Counsel
A graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and the Southern University Law Center, and now a nationally recognized leader in the field of enterprise risk management, Ryan has over 25 years of experience in the public and private sectors. He built industry-leading risk management programs from the ground up for a large municipal governmental entity and a national healthcare practice, mitigating the total cost of risk for these entities without sacrificing the integrity of each...
Erica Doerle Ray
Director of Operations
A graduate of the University of Southwestern Louisiana and Florida State University, Erica Doerle Ray received her doctor of audiology degree from the University of Florida. With a deep passion for helping others, Erica started her own audiology private practice that served the hearing impaired across Louisiana’s Acadiana region with multiple locations for 25 years. She also co-founded the Louisiana Academy of Audiology. In addition, Erica was incredibly dedicated to volunteer work...