Ryan Domengeaux - Chief Executive Officer & General Counsel
Ryan Domengeaux
Chief Executive Officer & General Counsel

A graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and the Southern University Law Center, and now a nationally recognized leader in the field of enterprise risk management, Ryan has over 25 years of experience in the public and private sectors. He built industry-leading risk management programs from the ground up for a large municipal governmental entity and a national healthcare practice, mitigating the total cost of risk for these entities without sacrificing the integrity of each organization’s mission. Ryan has also co-founded a private law and consulting practice where his focus has been on healthcare defense, transactions and consulting. Where some might see a forest full of trees with no clear route to follow, Ryan has the uncanny ability to create a path clear to the other side. A fierce negotiator and calculating strategist, he has the resourcefulness, resolve and creativity to navigate through any challenge to offer the best solutions moving forward.

Since 2017, Ryan has put those skills to work in the philanthropy arena serving as Chief Executive Officer and General Counsel for the William C. Schumacher Family Foundation. His passions for problem-solving and helping others converge perfectly in helping to achieve this foundation’s mission of building stronger communities through collaboration and community engagement. Ryan contributed to the creation of Love Our Schools with Love Acadiana and other community foundations. One of the foundation’s educational initiatives is focused on raising awareness around public education. The foundation is also committed to encouraging the community and state to rise in support of improved academic outcomes. Most recently, Ryan played a role in the creation of the Love Our Community along with other foundation partners. This initiative is providing support across Louisiana in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. He also leads and executes cooperative endeavors and strategic partnerships involving the foundation’s initiatives across a wide array of philanthropic interests.