William C. “Kip” Schumacher, M.D.

Kip and his wife Carolyn founded the William C. Schumacher Family Foundation in 2018. A long-time philanthropist, Kip is passionate about people and their causes, at home in Louisiana and around the world. He has founded and funded numerous charitable organizations to improve healthcare, crisis response, education, and overall quality of life.

Kip is a graduate of the University of Southwestern Louisiana, now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and LSU School of Medicine in New Orleans. A board-certified physician, Kip worked in a hospital Emergency Department (ED) for 17 years before founding Schumacher Group, an emergency healthcare management company. Over the decades, his company has grown into one of the largest healthcare partners in the country. Now SCP Health, the company serves 8 million patients per year at 400 hospitals, providing a full range of clinical services.

Throughout his career, Kip has worked to shape healthcare policy, advocating for physicians and patients alike. He loves traveling and spending time with Carolyn, their seven children, and seven grandchildren.